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Black, Latina    & Indigenous Women's Group
Transforming Anxiety  - Autumn 2021 Group

This group is about cultivating wellness, joy, and healing in Black, Latina, & Indigenous women. Each season we take up a new topic of learning. 


For Autumn 2021, we will learn frameworks, tools, and skills to release anxiety and cultivate calmness and serenity.  


-  Thursday, Sept 16    at 5    pm

-  Thursday,  Sept 30    at 5    pm

- Thursday, Oct 14    at 5    pm

- Thursday,  Oct 28    at 5    pm

- Thursday, Nov 11    at 5     pm

- Thursday, Dec  2 at 5    pm

Be a part of a community that will support you in your journey.

Your guide, Dr. Peña, will share presentations and facilitate discussions. 

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Image by Leonardo Burgos
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Dr. Juan B. Peña, Ph.D.

Live a Healthier, Happier, & More Meaningful Life

Dr. Juan B Pena
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